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Attract the patients you really want

Our targeted Facebook ads for chiropractors deliver your favorite patients.

sara-dunnHey there, I'm Sara Dunn, and I specialize in running Facebook ads for chiropractors.

You've come to the right place if you're a chiropractor, office manager, or marketing manager who wants to grow your practice.

My job is to help you finally escape Facebook purgatory, and start using it to actually generate new patient inquiries (every single week!).

The frustration is real.  I know you're trying really hard to make Facebook work for your practice—Posting when you remember to, trying a boosted post to gain more reach, grasping for a few likes and comments... but you just end up wondering if you're just wasting time.

The bad news is, you might be.

The good news is, together, we can fix it.

I still remember working with the first chiropractor who ever hired me for digital marketing.  When I asked him to describe his ideal patient, he mentioned that some patients are more profitable than others.  They have great insurance coverage and keep up a regular visit schedule.  He didn't just want more patients, he wanted more of those patients.

As I explained to him, when you want to attract a very specific type of person, Facebook ads are the answer.

We set out to attract his ideal patients within 10 miles of his practice, using advanced targeting based on interests, demographics, and behaviors on Facebook.

And it worked.  Big time.

After just two months of ongoing ads, the practice became so busy, he had to ask me to turn the ads off.  They couldn't handle any more new patient inquiries.

That's what success looks like on Facebook.  This success is possible for you on Facebook using our repeatable, lead-generating system.

Our Facebook Ads for Chiropractors system

STEP 1: Focus

focus Identify highly profitable patient groups. Develop patient personas.

STEP 2: Engage

engage Drive traffic and awareness using informational Facebook ads.

STEP 3: Convert

convert Deploy advanced tactics like retargeting to drive appointment requests

STEP 4: Analyze

analyze Review engagement, traffic, requests, ad copy, and more to improve conversions.